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TUNISIE PORCELAINE is a manufacturing industry leader on several markets, which has chosen quality: that of the equipment and that of the raw materials used, thanks to an ongoing collaboration with their French suppliers in the Limoges region. This choice is rewarded by the quality of the porcelain produced, non-porous and translucent, perfectly fine and resistant.

We combine the craftsmanship and artistic creations of our designers with the agility of our industrial production, in order to satisfy the most demanding customers; 70% of our orders are for export.


We are committed every day and we prove it with our value chain and agile production, certified to international standards.

We inspire, advise and meet the high demands of all our customers, from large, medium and small retailers, the HORECA sector, airlines and shipping companies.

We work closely with artists, fashion houses, architects and designers, sublimating their audacity, because we push the limits of porcelain and stoneware.

We invest in our green transition and are committed to sustainable and eco-friendly production.


Our 900 employees are highly skilled. The decals are individually applied to each piece, the fillets and small trimmings are hand-painted. This is custom-made work in which the rigour, know-how and skills of our teams are expressed.

Quality control allows us to detect faults at every stage, before moving on to the final cooking.

Our 60,000m² facilities allow us to absorb the largest orders with a large storage capacity.

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